Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Kolden Report: Sister's Trip 2014, Part Two: Quartzsite Bound!

Hello, kids!

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When I last left you my sisters and I were in Vegas this past March.  After losing our $20 bucks on the "Lion's Share" (the machine that has NEVER paid out), we left the MGM and found a Mexican restaurant.  The meal was great and so was the weather!  We had all come from snow and cold (Montana and Iowa) so the Nevada warmth hit the spot.  With a programmed  GPS, we were soon making our way to Quartzsite, Arizona to see our parents. ( If you do not own a GPS, I can enthusiastically recommend a Garmin Nuvi.) 

Both sisters had their tea and their needlework and I was behind the wheel of the rented, red, Dodge Minivan.  Life was GOOD. 

Joshua Tree, up close and personal.

Desert train.

 Bakken oil?

Fresh oranges, anyone?

Hazy horizon.

Moon rise.

Layers of light. 

We arrived Quartzsite to find Mom had cooked.  And there is nothing like our Mom's cooking.  Over the years, she had introduced us to a plethora of fine dining.  Hat's off to Mom and her cooking all those years, feeding not only her family, friends and hired help but the parade of extras that inevitably seemed to appear at meal time. 

Our Mom, JoAnn.  (Hard to capture when she won't stand still but I love that devilish grin!)

Our Dad, Dewey Charles.

Since the park model was a one room affair, us girls slept in the living room together, which took us back to our youth and our shared  bedroom.    Only this time, Penny and I bunked together and Cindy had the small bed.  We talked  and giggled just as we had done growing up - with one major difference, Dad didn't threaten us with the belt if we didn't be quiet and go to sleep!

Apparently, we did EVERYTHING together!  This image is taken in Gramma Thale's trailer house.  I'm guessing in 1964.  Cindy on the left, I am the little one and Penny is on the right.   Us Montanan's have ALWAYS known how to conserve water....

Up next:  Moving day at the Ponderosa. 

"Sister is probably the most competitive relationship within the family, but once the sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest relationship."  - Margaret Mead


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