Friday, July 18, 2014

The Kolden Report: Sisters Trip 2014, Part four. Leaving Las Vegas.

Hello, kids!

 Being a family of water lovers, we decided to check out the pool and hot tub after a cozy sleep in huge, fluffy beds.

Morning, Mom.

Rise and SHINE!  (And then swim.)

Fortunately, the family humored me and my infinite request for group photos.  I LOVE this one!

They are a cheerful bunch, early in the morning!

Tender moment.

The lobby bathrooms were well appointed.

Spa and barbershop, this way.

In case you need to rest when you get off the elevator.

Golden tinted windows that reflect well.

Waves lap.

Wonder what kind of snortzy rooms occupy the top floor?  ("Snortzy" is a Bess Hovey word and today is ALSO her birthday.  Happy Birthday in heaven, Bess!)

Self portrait.

Sunshine on South Point's shoulder.

Continuation of my frond fascination!

The big picture.  Hot tub is nestled among the thick grouping of trees.  All in all, a wonderful stay.  I highly recommend!

Next stop:  Radio Shack.  With iffy cell phone coverage and only one GPS, Dad came up with the bright idea to purchase walkie-talkies.   He decided on the inexpensive set, $20 for a pair, after the salesperson recommended them.  They turned out to be so handy!  We could call each other in the grocery store, from one room to another and between cars.  I'll never travel in multiple cars without them.  Even if there is no cell service, the walkie-talkies work!

Up next: 

"There is no one I'd rather work with more,  than my sisters." - Kitty Kolden


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