Friday, July 18, 2014

The Kolden Report: Sister's Trip, 2014. Part Three. Moving Day at the Ponderosa.

                    Hello, kids!

Happy Birthday to my sister Penny, today!  You TRULY are not getting are getting better.   Wishing you many more  years filled with wonder and joy.  (And travels with your sisters.....)

And now, on with the report!

Upon awakening, it was time to go to work.  Mom and Dad planned to sell their Quartzsite park model and were moving out of it, with the help of us girls.  This is where the minivan came in so handy.  And to think we were going to rent a car!  Lucky for us, there WERE no cars to be had due to the college basketball doings in Las Vegas.  

The neighbor kids came to help.  Meet Boogie.  Boogie's sister was a huge help to us as were all of her siblings.  (And there were many.)  They hauled home extras such as canned goods and Christmas decorations.  Their wagon burned up the trailer park while we cleaned, packed and loaded our vehicles.  Soon, we were ready!  Since the place is now for sale, I took pictures of it.  For more information, call 406-737-4211.

Blossom filled yard.

Covered patio and screen porch.

Covered parking.  (Yes, there IS a cover.)

Clothesline  in the back, so "unmentionables" are not in full display.


Kitchen (fully furnished, just bring your clothes and toothbrush!)

Living room with hideaway couch.


Full bloom.  Cactus is amazing.  The same exact strain grows from border to border, blooming wildly, joyfully even!

Packed and loaded,  it was time to photo of the whole family!  And let me tell you, if you have a chance to travel with your parents, you really should.  It's a time to ask questions about the past and absorb family stories that otherwise might be lost.  I've never laughed so hard in my life as during this trip.  Family!  Yes, we girls realize how fortunate we are to have this time with our parents and in fact, talks are in the works of another trip.  

Quartzsite Suzan and Mom.

'Ol blue eyes.


Solar farm?

Group consensus was to  find  Vegas rooms with a pool.  Dad spotted the oyster bar from across the South Point Hotel lobby at check in! Since none of the others like oysters, he and I partook while the rest ate Italian.  We know how to keep everyone happy! ( As a kid, Mom said I  "ate whatever Dad ate".  Must be where I developed a taste for raw oysters.  But only the little, firm ones.  Not the big drippy, slimy ones.)

The Italian faction brought desserts and we all shared them back at the room.

Up next:  Leaving Las Vegas.

"A happier family is but an early heaven."  - George Bernard Shaw


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