Friday, July 25, 2014

The Kolden Report: Sister's Trip, 2014. Final Installment: The road home.

Hello, kids!

Our final day with Mom and Dad broke sunny and cold.  The frost was definitely "on the pumpkin"!


We three sisters, prepared for our journeys home. 

We took turns taking photos with each other, the thought never far from my mind that we never know what day will be our LAST. 

Mom was having fun.  Dad?  Maybe not so much...

Easy to see who's hand Penny got.

The girls are finding it humorous!

And Dad is ready for a nap. 

The part I dislike, is saying goodbye.  (Penny at the airport.)  To cheer us, we called Penny on her cell, just as she was to board and sang her a song from our youth.  ("Why do you build me up Buttercup? ", by the New Foundation.)  The singing was followed by another fit of hysterical laughter, as none of us can sing!

Cindy and I headed back to Billings to return the minivan and fly home.

No matter where I go in Montana, I always find unique landscapes. 

Barn wood, extraordinaire.

Original hay sculpture!  So creative...

Who knew there was a Montana bale trail?

LOVE to see the wind farms.  Why not harness the power of nature?  Some opponents feel that the birds who die via wind turbine, outweigh the benefits.    I say, "ARE YOU NUTS?"  Wind is clean, infinite and FREE.  Nothing is disturbed in it's making and no pollutants come from wind.  Yes, I suppose some birds die in collisions with the turbines but how many?  Can't be more than a handful and if you weigh the's a no brainer! 

Would love to come back and travel across the bridge and on this "road less traveled", one day.

Back in Billings, we hooked up with Cindy's daughter, Shandy.

This is what happens when you make crazy faces in front of my camera.

At the airport, going home.

The Cape Air in flight magazine!

Shelly, guiding us "home".

Thanks for the safe flight, boys!

"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page." - Saint Augustine


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