Friday, November 19, 2010

Kolden, "Birthday Report", Nov 6-7, 2010, Part Seven

After breakfast and coffee, we broke camp and departed.  Here, a last look at the lake from the hilltop.
Over a ridge was another homestead.  This fine old ford rests.
I love the rosebush growing up out of the hood.  Lance, this one made me think of your paintings.
I think every vehicle ever purchased for use at this place was still sitting about!
If I won the lottery, I'd love to put one of these old beauties on a modern drive train for every day use.  There would be plenty of room to haul groceries in these old giants!
I love the curvy nose and flashy grill on this truck.
An old drill, nearly encompassed by tall prairie grasses
When I look at the jeep side by side with the other truck (make unknown) I find the softer lines of the "other" truck more appealing.
This shot of an old hay rake give perspective to the enormity of Fort Peck lake and the CMR.
Another old piece of wood sports lichen adornment.

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