Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kolden "Birthday Report", Part nine, November 6-7, 2010

Coming along the river, "eagle-eye Kolden" spotted these two porcupines in a tree.  I had seen them and thought they were nests, from a distance.  I had to get out and walk over to the trees for a closer look.
The one on the right was probably a male or the mother of the one on the left perhaps.
They made no move as I circled the tree taking pictures.
I suppose remaining still is a tactic used to thwart predators.
There were lots of tiny branches between me and the smaller porky on the left.
I took lots of pictures because it's not something that you see every day!
You can sort of see the large teeth on this porcupine.
In this shot the teeth, capable of gnawing through tree bark, appear bloody or dirty.
I was mesmerized by the pair!
Near their hideout, a creek reflected the tree lined bank.
We would be home soon.

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