Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kolden, "Birthday Report", November 6-7, 2010, Part one

This report is several weeks old.  I have no time to work on anything lately it seems.  I hope you'll all understand.
November 6-7, 2010
Due to a forecast of lovely weather and Jim's upcoming birthday, we decided to load up and head west.  Along the road, we encountered this large pool of water, still standing from the summer rain and hail storms.  I love the reflection of the hills in the water.
Flocks of geese basked in the sun in grain fields along the way.
The river and a view of the hills north across a harvested wheat field.
The air was still and we stopped on a big hill overlooking the Missouri.  I kept hearing "yipping" sounds and as we listened, we determined that the sounds were coming from across the river!  A group of hunters were beating the brush, much like was done in the days gone by.
The low lying sun afforded perfect reflections of  leafless trees in steely river water.
From our vantage point, we admired the sweeping vista.
Again, I was fascinated by the reflections in the water.
A closer look.
Back on the road, we spotted this "mule deer doe" and got this shot, only to find out that it was a young buck when we looked at the pictures!
Layers of sandstone "decorate" the countryside.
Gray  growths cling to the eartth
Lichen covered stones lie about.
......the horse is black.......the horse is white......
Spent hairy vine blossoms..
Another view.
Hairy vine entwined in a bullberry bush.
Old bridge pilings reflected in a small pond.
This herd of antelope spotted us and immediately blasted into action.  They had obviously been preyed upon in the past. 
We were nearing the flowing wells highway and were anxious to see what lay beyond.

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