Friday, November 19, 2010

Kolden, Birthday report, November 6-7, 2010, Part Eight

Since it was Jim's birthday, I stuck a candle in a cinnamon roll and sang "Happy Birthday!" to him.  I then looked skyward and thanked his dearly departed parents for having created his life.  Full of joy, we drove on.
As we passed a prairie stock tank, I saw movement.  I asked Jim to stop and upon investigation, saw this little deer mouse (the kind that carry hantavirus) - trapped in the stock tank with no way out. 
I attempted to remove the drain plug in the tank to free the mouse but, it wouldn't budge.
The mouse allowed me to take several pictures but, kept it's distance from me.  Finally, I decided to get a stick and see if it would climb the stick and get out.  Of course it wouldn't!
Finally, I laid the stick in the tank and the mouse crawled on.  I lifted him out of the tank and as I lifted, he began racing up the stick, toward my hand!  Needless to say his landing on the ground was a bit rough but....he was free.  I got back in Whitey and we motored on. 
Near the tank, more stud piles.
Down the trail a bit, Jim asked me if I had left the stick propped in the tank for future mouse rescues.  Of course I hadn't!  Next time.
We encountered a family trailing cows.  I like the riderless horse.
Here, the cowboss and his dog.
Jim's watchful eye spotted this giant!  I instantly thought of Charlotte and how much of a meal this big bug would have made for her.....
Over the hill, another glimpse of the lake over a brush lined coulee.
Bobcat creek gleams in the midday sun.
We spotted this buck, tongue out, running. 
Again, we encountered the cowpunchers, moving the herd.

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