Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kolden Birthday Report, Nov 6-7, 2010, Part Six

The following morning, I watched the sun rise over the lake.
A light breeze was blowing and it was not quite a balmy as the day prior had been.
I found these sandstone formations interesting.
Lichen form on layers of sandstone.
This huge, round sandstone had split into pieces, perhaps when the glaciers receded.
A little spot for rabbits or birds to tuck in to during rain storms.
I was amazed by how long my shadow was in the first rays of morning!
This little crevice had obviously been home to a tiny bird during inclement weather, as evidenced by the droppings.
Soft sunlight painted this sandstone with golden color.
The campsite with amy LONG shadow!
Gorgeous reddened leaves cling to a bush.
For those of you wondering how we manage to sleep in Whitey, here is a glimpse.  Both seats hang in the rear.  Cushions and a sleeping bag provide the mattress.
The steering wheel removes for more room and we have a great view from the bedroom!

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