Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kolden "Birthday Report", November 6-7, 2010 - Part Two

Once across the highway, we passed by an ancient cow camp.
The poor, old truck....she aint what she used to be!
More hairy vine clings to bullberry brush along the trail.
THIS is why they call it "Big Sky Country" here. 
More cryptobiotic type soil in pretty colors!
This grave is a favorite stop of ours.  This young Dane, Kristian Sorenson, homesteaded when he was only 19 years old!  This is rugged, desolate country here.....I can't imagine having been mature enough to HOMESTEAD in this country at only 19. 
Kristian, a cowboy, died leaving a huge herd of horses that the next owner wanted rid of.  A band of cowboys, including my husband, rounded them up and ran the band (Man from Snowy River style) clear to a corral at Flowing wells! 
Here, a stud pile.  For those of you unfamilliar with horse shit......a stud pile is a horse's toilet.  They use the pile to mark their territory boundaries. 
An old homestead, once belonging to Kris Sorenson, still sports a HUGE grain grinder.  Notice the elaborate cast work? 
A large root cellar still stands.  The amount of work that went into just laying the sandtone wall is amazing!
These old root cellars are now perfect homes for fox, coyote, skunk and snake alike.
A prairie rose bush painted with fall colors.
The prairie is slowly swallowing this old wagon wheel.
Orange and yellow lichen coat these old boards.

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