Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Kolden Report: Montana Back Roads, Part Four, November 2, 2013

Hello, kids!

Leaving Coffee Creek, we happened upon this cemetery.  We rarely drive by a cemetery without stopping to pay our respects.  This time was no different.

Nice location, room for expansion.

He was only 35.

Born 1871.  This was a fairly old cemetery!

Her husband was even older. 

I'm not sure how I would feel, having the name "Bloomer"! 

We so often find many graves dug, in a short time span.  Evidence of the epidemics past.   Modern medicine has come far from the days when influenza and pneumonia were fatal and women  died during childbirth because cesarean sections hadn't been invented yet. 

The parents.... resting near the  infant, eternally. 

Poor folks.  They also lost a son. 

Stout family gathering.

Mother Nature is the finest artist.  Look at her placement of the lichen.  Very pleasing to the eye, doesn't obscure the sentiment, room for expansion....perfect.

Charles Nemec, perhaps father to the folks of Nemec Repair, fought in both World War II and World War II?  Perhaps they meant WWI and WWII?  Or maybe it just felt like he fought twice as hard, in WWII?  Either way, many thanks to PFC Nemec (and every other person who has served this country) for the service.

We could calculate the date of birth...

A very sad day, for the Emmett family. 

The "art deco" elegance of this stone is quite appealing!

Mary Alice loved Square Butte so much she not only rests in view of it but has the likeness etched upon her tombstone.

Simple sentiment.

Since darkness was nearly upon us, we found a camp spot and held up for the night, under a full moon.

 I was trying timed exposures but the wind kept blowing clouds in front of the moon.  Sometimes, the best plans are thrown to the wind and the end result is even better than you could have hoped for.   Here, on a lonely stretch of road, a semi barreled through the darkness, lit up like Christmas Tree.

I love the simple, mysterious feel. 

My apologies on the mix up in part two.  I don't know how it's even possible for images that I did not insert to came across but they did, after I had engaged in a royal battle with Thunderbird prior.  Hopefully whatever the problem no more. 

"As knowledge increases, wonder deepens" - Charles Morgan


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