Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Kolden Report: Montana Back Roads, November 6, 2013

Hello, kids!

Happy birthday goes out to Jim tomorrow.  Here's wishing you many more years of exploration on this planet!

And now, on to the report.....

Blink....and you'll miss it.

Montana advertising.

Sorry we're....OPEN?!?! 

"Country Club" by laws....

Outdoor seating at the country club.

Seen about town.  "Room with a view".  Of course occupation would be seasonal. 

Quite the history!

Looks sound to me.

Apparently, local youth have been throwing stones at the "prisoner" through the jail bars..  Perhaps someone from town will unlock the door, and clean the jail!

I am enamored of the padlock.

Both sides!

Lot in town.

For you Dodge fans. 

Deco Ram.  LOVE this emblem. 

White cliffs.


Dewey and JoAnn.  Directly responsible for the creation of yours truly.  (His blue eyes and curiosity, her rosy cheeks and tenacity.)

Married over 60 years. 

Up next:  To the mountains!

"How wonderful it is that no one need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world." - Anne Frank

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