Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Kolden Report: Montana Back Roads, Part Seven, November 15, 2013

Hello, kids!

Every cloud does have a silver lining and to a photographer clouds add color, form, shadows and light! 

Our journey continues, West of Augusta, Montana. 

The road less traveled. 

Let's go!

Breathtaking, stunning, so-beautiful-it-makes-your-heart-skip-a-beat, Big Sky Montana. 

Wet wildflower, glorious in her last ditch efforts before the deep freeze. 

Blue skies, smiling on me...  (From behind the clouds.)

We have arrived.

Big country.  I wonder how many miles are visible here?

I found myself thinking back to the days spent traipsing through these Rockies, nights spent at the Lazy B Hotel and Saloon.  We worked seven days a week.  Every night was Friday, every morning was Monday.   We frequented every establishment in town but the Buck Horn Bar was home to a socially awkward bachelor cowboy, who would ride in to town on his horse in the dark, pistols strapped to his side.  Upon entering the bar,  he would be asked to  relinquish his guns, having shot many a hole in the ceiling of the bar as the whiskey flowed and the nights wore on.  Upon his exit, his pistols were returned,  shots would ring out in the streets and Augusta knew that lonesome,  inebriated cowboy was being delivered back to the hills  by his faithful horse. 

The world in black and white. 

Turns out bears are familiar with bear-resistant containers.  More on that later.


Into the mist. 

More to come!

"The more man meditates upon good thoughts, the better will be his world and and the world at large."  - Confucius


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