Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kolden "Crooked Creek" Report, Day Five

Another fine day presented itself after hearing "scritching" noises coming from what sounded like ERv's roof.  We chalked it up to pack rats and slowly got on with our day.  The rains had come in the night and left everything quite damp, including this bird. 

 There was even a slight lingering mist in the hills.
This bird preens his wet feathers as well.
Later, as we jet boated out to the Mussellshell, this duck spooked and flew.
Pelicans were also offended by our presence.
Heron's seemed to feel the same.
I stepped off the boat on an island and discovered this snake.  It gave me quite a start and I shrieked like a girl.  I could not determine what type of snake it was at first.  I couldn't see its tail and it didn't rattle, fortunately.  Soon, it slithered into a downed log.  It is true what they say about dead logs!  (Give them a wide berth).
I also spotted rust colored grass seeds.
Again, lovely pink wild rose blossoms abounded.
On our return to camp, we captured this shot of the new Crooked Creek Boat Ramp, paid for by our tax dollars, with Whitey parked and waiting, .  It's very nice!
This sign is posted at the top of the ramp.  Not sure how I got such a crooked shot but.....we were at crooked creek!
Back at the dock, this huge spider lurked amongst the rip-rap.
We think the tan colored bumps on her back are babies (eggs).  She was about the size of the palm of my hand.  BIG!
Later, we took a drive into the hills and looked the countryside over.  And the rains came....

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