Monday, June 28, 2010

Kolden "Crooked Creek " Report, Day Four

We decided to paddle to the mouth of the Mussellshell River to see if any catfish were about.  We had a hard time finding dry ground to beach the canoe on as the river was running over flood stage.

Lush grasses thickly covered the river banks.

We disturbed this goose who took flight.

Gorgeous blossoms of all colors were a treat for the eyes, such as this clover blossom.

The wild rose was in fine form.

Even the tiny buds had a beauty all their own.

Prickly russian olive has a sweet scented yellow bloom.

A sea of grass waves gently in the breeze.

Long thin heads were covered in various colored seed.

A closer look at the white and purple seeds.

Only a few seeds remain on this head.

Even the weeds had gorgeous blooms!

Jim captured these shots of two differing dragonflies as we canoed about.

In the afternoon, thick clouds blotted out the sun and I was able to capture this shot.

This uncoordinated young bird clung to this salt cedar bush as we paddled by.

Another glorious day of vacation!

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