Monday, June 28, 2010

Kolden "Crooked Creek" Report, Day Three

 Having camped in the piney trees, we awoke to this view.
 The prairie was alive with color as evidenced by these lovely purple flowers. 
I liked the looks of this little bird, perched perfectly atop his large rock.

Jim spotted this huge fungus while we made coffee.
A fine automobile was seen resting amongst the pine trees.
I found these pink blooms visually appealing.

It seems hard to believe that this shack is able to withstand the winds.  Perhaps the abestos siding lends structural strength?
Jim noticed this purple bodied flying ant in the trail.  Upon closer inspection, we surmised that the apparently paralyzed  spider was being toted home for dinner.
Another fine old ride waits on the prairie.
 A pair of ducks swam about blissfully in their duck pond.
I found these five textures intriguing - blue sky, mountains, wheat fields, CRP and prairie.

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