Monday, June 28, 2010

Kolden "Crooked Creek Vacation Report" Day one, June 2010

We had anticipated leaving home on Friday the 11th of June but a deluge of rain held us up for a day and as you know, I watched Lance Johnson paint "Wolf Eyes" instead. 

At home, I spotted this rooster, pecking about after the rains.

We loaded up and left on Saturday, in the sunshine. 
 Along the way, this bird looked at me over his shoulder from the fence.

A sage grouse held long enough for Jim to capture this shot.

Due to recent rains in the Winnett area, we took a bit of a detour and went through Valentine, basically a ghost town with lots of character.  Here, are a couple of the old buildings.
We came across a small herd of velvet antlered bull elk grazing in the sunshine.  Here, you see "Have itch, will scratch":
These two noticed our presence yet went right back to eating.

When we drove away, they finally decided to spook and run.
A bit further down the road, flies were bothering these horses enough that one decided to graze from in the pond and cool its bitten legs.
This perfectly calm pond reflected soft clouds.
Lo and behold, there was a duck paddling about!
Pepe' Lepeau even put in an appearance for our viewing pleasure.
Not to be outdone, Wiley Coyote ran by as well.
Then, just when I thought the wildlife show could NOT get any better, Tom Turkey crossed the road (just to get to the other side).
I drank in the fresh pine scent as I surveyed the view of the surrounding countryside near crooked creek.  It's amazing how much of what some would call "nothing" that there really is here.   As you can see....there is alot  here, if you only look.
Stay tuned for day two of the Crooked Creek Report.

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