Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kolden "Crooked Creek" Report, Days six and seven

This bird sat for his picture amongst the rip-rap.
Gray skies dumped heavy rains off and on.  Wind, water and waves made for a great day to lie about reading.
The campground road became a small pond.
We decided to take a drive, in between rains.  The country has never been greener or more lush. 
I spied this "bird house", in a dead tree.
Standing motionless, this small, velvet antlered buck waited.
One of the few shelters at Crooked Creek.  Behind, is the rain swollen waters.
Even the grasses were bent and heavy from all the precipitation.
Every tiny indentation was full to overflowing and the ground was super saturated.
Mr Meadowlark sat and eyed us as we passed by.
Here, a pair wait out the storm on a dead tree.
I was so enamored of all the wildflowers blooming!
Tiny droplets cling to hairlike weed seeds.
Small sprigs of sage catch and keep rain drops.
The sun valiantly attempts to shine.
 Beads of nectar cling to yucca blossoms.
Our trusty camper, ERv, sits and waits for our return.  To the right you can see the waters rising.  Soon, the water may be back up near the camp spots.
The lush, green growth of spring rains continued to amaze us.  How gorgeous our world is right now!

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