Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kolden Rain Report, Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Good morning, kids!

We've had much rain in the past few days.  I woke to drenching droplets and gray skies.

The thirsty soil has been getting a much- deserved, deep drink.

I was tickled to see the fat drops highlighted at the base of the historic Missouri River Bridge.

This shot is from last weekend.  I forgot to include "Tom Turkey" in my previous report.  He took off running when he saw me.  Being spooky is how he has survived this long, undoubtedly.

This is the home of "Mama Robin" and her 4 blue eggs.  She's had quite a ride these past few days with all the big wind and heavy rains. Will have to check and see if she's "still aboard" this tiny tree.

We had a bit of a lake in our yard this morning.  Mother earth is getting a much needed soak.

This rooster sat, hunched up and unhappy, while his hen grazed last night.  I tried to get a shot of him shaking off the rain with no luck.

Here is a street puddle in town being pelted with huge droplets.

The sun occasionally shone through the dense cloud cover blanketing our area as the strong winds pushed the clouds on by.

I like the "feel" of this shot, in particular the foreground -only focus.

Again, the sun tries valiantly to burn through the cloud cover.

                   For those of us with gardens seeded, this drenching rain is nature's perfection. 

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