Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kolden Sunrise Coyote Report, Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Good morning, kids! 
It was another lovely day in the neighborhood as we watched the sun began to rise.  The sky appeared painted pink.

The colors deepened as the sun climbed closer to the horizon.

As the sun crested the horizon, the more orange and yellow the sky appeared.

As it rose, pinks and yellows painted the sky.

Here, orange and yellow were the colors of the moment.  The reflection in the river is lovely.

Here, the same view, different layout.

It's amazing how orange the sky is in this shot.

While we were busy shooting the sunrise, this mangy coyote ran right in front of the window.  I got several fuzzy shots of him as he was constantly on the move.  This is the best of the bunch.  Not great but, you can see how mangy it is (even though it looked much worse up close and in person).

Don't work too hard out there ( hard enough.)

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