Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kolden Robin Report, Saturday, May 22, 2010

Good morning, kids!

Leaving work Thursday night, I noticed heavy, dark clouds in the west.  I decided to drive up by the cemetary to get a better look.  Swirling, tiny funnels were forming at the cloud bases.

I decided that I'd best head for home  as the thought of hail crossed my mind.  Turning around , I spied this robin, listening for worms.

He'd look and listen, remaining perfectly still.

He'd cock his head one way and then another.  When he heard something "good", he'd peck the ground in an attempt to capture a juicy worm.

While I did spot him with a worm initially, he was not fortunate enough to capture a second worm while I watched.

As I drove out of town, the wind began to howl, stirring the dust and debris up.

As I drove on, I noticed an airplane coming in for landing and decided to try to capture the arrival. 
The pilot worked diligently to bring the plane down in the heavy winds.

I was lucky enough to spot this robin nest while mowing the yard! I glanced at the small tree and was eye to eye with the female who indignantly flew from her nest. I quickly got the camera and took this shot of her four gorgeous eggs.
This was the view from my window.  I wondered if we might see some showers but nothing materialized.

The squirrels remain busy burying and eating the black walnuts from the yard.

While watcthing the squirrels, I spotted these deer between the big cottonwoods.

The river was glorious, shrouded in fog.

The fog did not last long and I captured its essence as it dissipated.

Heavy dew drops shone in the grass.

A rooster pheasant walked out of the tall grass and stood in a spot with little vegetation.  He proceeded to preen his feathers and I wondered if he was not enjoying being so wet!

I spent considerable time waiting and watching for this rooster to flap his wings. 

None of my shots are national geographic quality but, I keep trying!

I love the stripes that appear in the wings here.

The rooster stayed out of the tall grass for a time and I was able to get a few shots of him. 
It looks like the rooster is giving me "stink-eye"!

Please help keep America Beautiful....don't litter!

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