Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kolden Sunrise Snow and Rain Report, May 4 and 5, 2010

Good morning, kids! 
We've sure had spring weather here....rain, wind, even snow! 

I  felt the "gray" of the day as I captured this shot.  If I were still watercolor painting, I'd paint this shot!

As I readied for work today, I noticed the sun attempting to work it's way through the cloud cover.

While driving in to town, I thought this shot of the old shack in the skiff of snow was captivating.

This rooster was "high-tailing" it across the field.  We were also visited by a flock of ducks and some geese.  I then spotted a group of Mule deer on the drive.  A regular wild kindgom we live in!

It was my day yesterday to capture birds in flight.  First, I spotted this Hawk? flying about.

Next, I spotted this hawk.  It seemed to be hot on the trail of something as it kept swooping and diving.  I didn't ever see the potential prey.

Enjoy your day as much as I'm enjoying mine!

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