Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kolden Sunrise and Bloom Report, Thursday, May 20, 2010

Good morning, kids!

Saw this rooster pheasant on my way home the other night.  After spotting me he tried to stealthily slip away through the CRP.

The sun  rising on the Missouri River.

This morning, I heard the sound of a hen clucking when she's on a bug.  This rooster was out the window doing his "shake".  The camera warned me that the light was insufficient and it was right.  My new aspiration is to capture that motion perfectly.  Stay tuned!

After his "call and shake", his feathers remained ruffled for a short time until he "settles" them back in.  (Again , I got the Olympus "insufficient light" warning)

Soon, his hen came strolling out of my raspberry patch!

Just prior to performing his pheasant "call", the rooster stretches up tall as seen here.

Here, the pair wander off in search of tasty bugs to snack on.

Spring has definitely sprung here (or should I say finally?)  With it has come many gorgeous blooms such as these apple, pear and lilac.

 I like the variety of depth in this shot.

Who doesn't love lilacs?  (I know, people with allergies...)

And white lilacs too!

This is my favorite of the "bloom" shots.  I love the pink blossoms and how the focus fades away in the background.

I love the leaves in this shot.

I like the bright blooms in the foreground in this shot.

Here's hoping that your days are as filled with joy and wonder, as mine are!

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