Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kolden Subdued Sunrise Report, Thursday, May 13, 2010

Good morning, kids!

Today started much like any other with the beeping of the alarm clock.  I crawled out of bed to inspect the sky, wondering if the sunrise would be as spectacular as it has been lately.   Immediately, I noticed a softer, more subdued sky.
I continued my morning preparations, watching the sky and snapping an occasional shot.  Here, the sky was awash with pinks and blues.

Soon, oranges and yellows began to replace the pink and blues.

There was a cloud cover, muting the suns rays and allowing me to continue to shoot, even after the sun had risen.

I like the streaky clouds here.

Driving in to town, I noticed steam coming off of the neighbor's field.  It had rained last night but not much.

I spotted another hawk or maybe owl (can't tell for sure) sitting in a large tree alongside the road.  He flew and I got this shot.

Below the tree, I spotted this pair in the field, and wondered if the bird of prey had designs on one or both?  Bet that would be quite a battle as geese are pretty tough when they choose to be.

Again, in about the same spot, sat this bird (meadowlark?).  He didn't sit and sing or wait around for me to take multiple shots.

Again today, I realize that not every day will be spectacular.  Sometimes the sky is gray, sometimes the critters are not out and about.  Still, I am thankful for what is there.

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