Monday, May 10, 2010

Kolden Weekend and Foggy A.M. Drive Report, 5-10-10-

Hello, kids!

We had an interesting weekend.  I watched this rooster and family interact with a squirrel who was on a mission!

I had scattered black walnuts out in the "duck pond" and this little guy worked feverishly to gather and bury them, taking breaks to attempt to eat them occasionally.

The squirrel was so focused, he nearly ran over the top of a hen pheasant.  This rooster decided to show the squirrel who was boss.

The squirrel was oblivious of everything around him, except the walnuts!
He spent considerable time hunting for the walnuts and when he found one, he'd carry it aways away and bury it. 

Then, he'd return and hunt and hunt to find another nut.  It amazed me that he could not remember where the pile of walnuts was!

Here, he takes a short break from his hard work.

Later that afternoon, a short blizzard began.

It didn't bother papa squirrel, he just sat in a cottonwood tree, chewing on a walnut.

I enjoyed the view of this pair of doves on a wire.

Today, it was extremely foggy.  The sun tried valiantly to peek through the heavy fog.
I love the soft, dark feeling in this shot.

This shot also appealed to me.

I loved this shot as well. 

Once out on the highway, I found this view of a large old cottonwood appealing.

This blooming juneberry bush promises lots of berries if the frost doesn't get it first.
I love the feel of the bridge in the fog.

This rooster was not at all shy today.

He allowed me to shoot him multiple times while he kept his eye on me.

Notice his little "ears" as he listens to what I'm doing.

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